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Creswick Logo

Creswick A Living History Logo  

The Creswick "A Living History" Logo depicts the close association that the community has with its historical buildings and its development from an early gold-mining town.

Logo - The Tree  

THE TREE depicts Creswick’s long history with re-forestation. Creswick was the first goldmining area in Australia to look at rehabilitation of land degraded by mining activity. Melbourne University continues to operate one of only two campuses in Australia specifically designed to teach and research re-forestation as a science in the town.

Logo - The Building  

THE BUILDING depicts the value of local history and architectural heritage.

Logo - The Frog  

THE FROG depicts the Growling Grass Frog, an endangered species with rare natural habitat in Creswick. The image of the frog in general also helps to build the environmentally conscious elements of Creswick history.

Logo - The Artists Palette  

THE ARTISTS PALETTE depicts the strong historical and current connections Creswick has with some of Australia’s finest artists including the Lindsay family.