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Emergency Info Fire & Flood



The town of Creswick has been assessed as having a very high bushfire risk. Residents and visitors should be prepared for fire and have a plan for when Danger Rating is SEVERE, EXTREME or CODE RED.

Relevent information is contained in the Creswick Township Protection Plan, a free booklet obtainable at the Creswick Visitor Informtion Centre, and the Creswick Fire Station both located in Albert Street, the main street.

The Victorian Bushfire Information Line 1800 240 667 is  available for more info.

A fire may be reported by dialing 000.


Creswick is prone to flash flooding. Flash flooding occurs because rain falls faster than the ground has the ability to absorb, causing water run-off into low-lying areas and local drainage systems. Local drainage systems are unable to cope with the volume of water causing the water to rise rapidly, flowing powerfully and quickly.

When to Call
  Building collapse or damage, which is a threat
  Persons trapped
  Rising floodwaters
  Roof damage due to wind or rain; internal or external
  Trees collapsed on building, persons or cars

During an Emergency
  Check for dangers to self and others before entering any damaged area,
  DO NOT drive, ride, swim or walk through floodwater. This is the main cause of death during floods
  Know where your utilities are, and ensure they are switched off
  Call 132 500 for flood and storm emergency assistance
  Inform operator if building is single or double storey
  Inform operator of any casualties
  Inform operator if a tree is over the road, or on the side of the road
  Call Police on 000 if unsure of whom to contact

This  information is provided by Victorian branch of SES. Visit for more.

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