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Avenue of Honour

On route to Newlyn and Daylesford, five kilometres out of Creswick on the Midland Highway, turn left and what immediately lays ahead is the glorious     ... Creswick Shire Avenue of Honour leading into Kingston. This majestic Avenue of Honour of Dutch Elm trees (Ulmus x Hollandica) which stretches for four kilometres, are dedicated to those who served in World War I. Two hundred and eighty five trees are listed on the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) Register of Significant Trees of Victoria. All but one of the 286 trees that were planted have survived.



Creswick Shire Avenue of Honour Kingston


The Avenue of Honour was planted by the Creswick Shire as a living memorial to those who voluntarily enlisted from the Shire to serve God and the King. Dedicated nine years after cessation of hostilities on 11th November 1918, the Avenue of 286 trees planted is a separate acknowledgement of WWI service from the recognition contained on the Creswick Borough Council Honour Board, erected inside the Creswick Town Hall.



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