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Creswick Lions Club

Lions believe in the power of ordinary Australians to create strong, caring and compassionate communities, by working together. Lions help those with a disability, back up our emergency services, and are 100% committed to solving community problems. There are Lions Clubs in 1400 towns and cities around Australia, that find creative and innovative ways to do something to help those most in need.


Volunteering in Lions Clubs provides diverse opportunities in club leadership, training, membership development, youth projects, or in a range of practical projects as diverse as emergency relief, tree planting, catering, fundraising, running community events. Every club is different and offers members not only the chance to help out, but to become involved in shaping and guiding the club in the longer term. It's not all work though. Lions Clubs are fun and social. Lions build lifelong friendships through their membership and participation. Available for men and women, young and old.



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Mobile: 0429 581 591
Contact Name: Patrick Tacey
Address: Creswick VIC 3363, Australia
Last Updated: Monday 24th January, 2022