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Walking Trails

There are a number of walks for those seeking to appreciate some of the history of the region. If you don't have a map call into the Visitor Information Centre at 43 Albert Street and pick a walking trail brochure today, or download a Parks Vic map via the link at the bottom of this page.

Short Walks

Why not take the time to explore the forest around Creswick by venturing out on some of these suggested easy walks.

Park Lake

Time: 10 - 15 minutes

This is a beautiful lake with two island features, a fountain, and a recently constructed rotunda. Located less than one kilometre from the Post Office at the start of the road to Daylesford (on the left hand side), it is easy to find because it is two hundred metres long and sits only 20 metres from the road.

A walk around this lake can easily be extended by walking up the path on the northern side to a beautiful parkland setting with more than a dozen grass tennis courts and four flexipave tennis courts that are open to the public at all times. There is also a new children's playground and an all weather BBQ facility with two free electric barbeques. Park Lake Fountain and Rotunda

St Georges Lake Waterfall no longer exists due to the the lake being drained and a new wall built in the waterfall area however the area is still very beautiful and worth a visit.

For a scenic route approach from the northern side of St Georges Lake; travel from the Town Hall east down Water Street, then turn right down Moore St, then left into Lees St and then right into St Georges Lake Road.and drive to the designated carpark area or stop along the way at various spots where parking is possible  St Georges Lake Waterfall Alternatively turn off the Midland Hwy to Melbourne Road and turn left onto St Georges Lake Road and the parking areas are on the left. 

It is possible to walk around the lake but be aware that the track is rough in places and slippery in winter. There is a boardwalk suitable for wheelchair, prams etc at the western end of the lake. Fishing sites are provided at various places arround the lake and there is a sandy beach area for picnics.Swimming is permitted at this site and is a favourite area for locals. See information below for futher information re st George's Lake

Landcare Trail

Time: 30 minute loop.

This easy self guided trail interprets land use and ways we can help the land, passing over wetlands, through plantations and grasslands, discovering ways to address landcare problems.

Landcare Trail in La Gerche Gully

The serene beauty present at the Landcare Lake located next to the Creswick Nursery at the La Gerche Gully

La Gerche Forest Walk

Time: One hour loop.

A self guided walk through the nursery plantations surrounding the old Creswick Landcare Centre/nursery and La Gerches' original plantings. These trees are now over one hundred years old and tower over the landscape, and were planted by Creswick's first forest bailiff - John La Gerche. It highlights the impacts of mining on the forest and La Gerche's efforts to rehabilitate the land. La Gerche experimented with a diverse range of conifers and deciduous trees from the Northern Hemisphere as well as some Australian natives.

La Gerche trail

The variety of tree species is both fascinating and picturesque. 1 hour, 2 km loop Landcare trail- is an introduction to general landcare issues including water quality, salinity, revegetation, weeds, conservation, biodiversity and farm forestry. A beautiful mayfly sculpture by Smeaton artist Bronwyn Snow is a recent addition to the walk. Keep a look out for echidna and kangaroo tracks and scratch marks on blue gums from local sugar gliders.

St George's Lake

Time: 40 minute loop. Mist over St Georges Lake 052011 600xdpi

The gently undulating track around the shore of St Georges Lake is a great place to watch water birds and maybe even catch a glimpse of the elusive Platypus. Wonderful scenery, this is a picturesque walk that will help you enjoy nature and the serenity of this wonderful spot. St Georges Lake is also a great place to start if you decide to venture on to one of the longer walks in the park.

St Georges Lake narrow trail

An excellent walking trail meanders around close to the edge of the scenic beauty of St Georges Lake Creswick. So serene and peaceful, especially close to sunset or at the 'crack' of dawn when the bird life excels.

St Georges Lake - BW mod 600xdpi

Longer Walks

These longer walks are just a few suggestions to help you explore and enjoy the park. Remember to wear strong shoes and appropriate clothing. Always let someone know before you go.

Eaton's Dam

Time: One hour 45 minutes return.

Walk to the concrete ford on the eastern side of St George's Lake. Follow the track along the water race and through the gate into the Koala Park. Walk through the park and exit on the other side continuing along the water race across Jackass Road to the picnic area at Eaton's Dam. A relic from the gold mining era, Eaton's Dam is an interesting example of early stone and earth construction techniques.

Eatons Dam 1

In the early 1930's the dam wall breached (as shown) and the proceeding rush of escaping water seriously flooded the township of Creswick.


Koala Park

Time: 40 minutes to one hour 30 minutes.

Explore the many tracks within Koala Park and make your time here as long or as short as you like. You may even be lucky enough to catch sight of a Koala in the canopy of a Manna Gum, the Koala's favourite food source.

The Koala Park was established in 1941 and had many koalas re housed here. Unfortunately, most of the koalas have migrated, and it is a rarity to see any these days. However, it is a delightful walk amongst the native scrub of the Creswick forest.

The Great Dividing Trail

Time: Four to five hours to Ballarat.

The local section of the Great Dividing Trail takes you on an historical journey through Creswick Regional Park to Ballarat along the same path miners walked a century ago. Follow water races and trails marked by quartz stones, the same stones that the miners used to guide their journeys when travelling at night. Walking 002 RDT - Great Dividing Trail

The Great DividingTrail, is a community-planned 260km public walking trail following the top of the Great Dividing Range from Bacchus Marsh to Bendigo, allows recreational walkers and tourists the time to savour central Victoria

Click Here To Download a copy of Parks Victoria Map of Creswick's Bush Walking Trails(pdf file)