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Lionel Lindsay

LionelLionel, the third son, was born on 17 October 1874. He taught himself to draw by copying illustrations from Punch and other periodicals taken in the home, becoming at an early age a great admirer of the drawings of Charles Keene. An avid reader from childhood, Lionel developed an interest in astronomy from the works of Charles Dick and, on the recommendation of his maternal grandfather, joined the acting government astronomer Pietro Baracchi in Melbourne, as a pupil-assistant. After a few months Baracchi advised him that art not science was his true métier. He returned to Creswick and took lessons in watercolour painting from Miller Marshall, an English artist. 

Shortly afterwards Lionel became staff artist on the Hawklet. Its front page was devoted to drawings covering the crimes, accidents, suicides and social highlights of the preceding week. For copy Lionel frequented Melbourne's theatres and ringsides, the morgue and the racing track. He joined the National Gallery School and shared a studio with George Coates.

Lionel travelled to Spain and there did hundreds of works depicting the architecture and history of the country.  

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